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Apply To The Adopt-A-Foster-Family Program

Community Members

Fostering children in the system is a challenging job.

Foster families are faced with providing not just for the physical needs of the children, but also helping them heal from chronic trauma, abuse, neglect and stress. We realize that not everyone has the ability, the bandwidth or the resources to take on the challenge of fostering kids.

With the 'Adopt a Foster Family' Program, anyone can do their part to help with the process & the goal of this program:

Here's Some Ways You Can Help

You can change lives for Grayson County Fosters in many ways!

Meal Delivery

Help deliver or prepare meals

Run Errands

Run errands for foster families

Help Pay For Experiences

Contribute to families so they can create experiences

For Foster Families

Part of our mission at the Grayson County Child Welfare Board is to provide wrap around support for our foster families. We realize that you are doing a very challenging job by taking in our foster kids and we would love to partner you with local community members to offer additional support. 


We would appreciate if you could answer the following questions to help us match you with the best possible support for your family's needs. Once you complete this form we will match you with your support and send an email to you and to the contact for your match to be introduced to one another and also let them know about your family and needs/wants. 

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