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Church Partners:
A Call to Serve Our Foster Families
At the Grayson County Child Welfare Board, we recognize the profound impact that our local churches can have in supporting the foster children and families within our community. Churches have always been pillars of support, guidance, and love in their communities, and there's a special opportunity for church partners to extend their mission of service to embrace the needs of our most vulnerable children and their dedicated foster families.Our foster families are the unsung heroes of our community, providing love, care, and stability to children in need. As they fulfill this critical and often challenging role, they deserve all the support we can provide. This is where our church partners can make a significant difference, offering not just spiritual support but practical help that uplifts both the children and their foster families.

*Ways Your Church Can Make a Difference*

*Provide Space and Facilitators for Support Groups*: Offer your church facilities as a venue for foster family support groups. These groups are vital for sharing experiences, advice, and encouragement. Facilitators can also be members of your congregation who are trained to lead these supportive discussions.

*Host Parents’ Night Out (PNO)*: Organize and host PNO events specifically for foster families, giving parents a much-needed break and the chance to recharge. These events can be filled with fun activities for children, ensuring they are in a safe and loving environment.

*Organize Informational Meetings*: Use your network and influence to host informational meetings about foster care. These meetings can help raise awareness about the need for more foster families and how individuals can become involved in fostering.

*Spiritual and Emotional Support*: Beyond physical and practical support, offering spiritual and emotional encouragement to foster families and children can be profoundly impactful. Whether through prayer groups, pastoral care, or youth group activities, your spiritual guidance can provide comfort and strength.

*The Impact of Your Church’s Involvement*

By becoming a Church Partner with the Grayson County Child Welfare Board, your congregation can directly contribute to a nurturing, supportive environment for foster children and their families. This partnership not only helps meet the immediate needs of these families but also sends a powerful message of love, acceptance, and community spirit. It demonstrates the church’s commitment to living out its values through service, compassion, and active engagement in the welfare of the most vulnerable among us.

*Join Us in This Mission*

We invite your church to join us in this mission of supporting our foster families and the children they care for. Together, we can provide a network of care that uplifts, supports, and honors the commitment of our foster families, ensuring that every child in Grayson County feels the warmth of a community’s love. Please contact us to learn more about becoming a Church Partner and the difference your congregation can make in the lives of these precious children and their families.

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