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Grayson County Presents Our Adopt-A-Family Program

Updated: Feb 15

Fostering children in the system is a challenging job. Foster families are faced with providing not just for the physical needs of the children, but also helping them heal from chronic trauma, abuse, neglect and stress. We realize that not everyone has the ability, the bandwidth or the resources to take on the challenge of fostering kids, but with the 'Adopt a Foster Family' Program, anyone can do their part to help with the process & the goal of this program:

  • Meal delivery

  • Run some errands

  • Help paying for experiences

To support foster families and their foster children in Grayson County, we've put together a matching program! Click here and fill out this form and we will match you/your team with a foster family in Grayson County.

We appreciate your interest in the program!! It takes a village! We are the village!

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