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The Healing Power of Adoption: Jeana's Journey

In the quiet corners of Grayson County, there are stories unfolding—stories of resilience, hope, and transformation. One such story is that of Jeana, a mother whose life encapsulates the very essence of the healing power of adoption. Her journey, marked by personal trials and a deep commitment to change, is a beacon for anyone considering the path of adoption.

Jeana's story began with her own childhood trauma and a system that, instead of offering support, left her grappling with blame and shame. Yet, it was this very struggle that ignited in her the determination to be a driver of change. Despite fertility challenges and the daunting landscape of foster care, Jeana and her husband, parents to a biological son, opened their hearts and home to adopt twin girls born prematurely at 27 weeks.

The twins, like Jeana, were products of a broken system—a system that too often fails to break the cycle of trauma. But Jeana's faith and tenacity carved out a different path for these girls. The adoption, initially planned to be closed due to fears and falsehoods often faced by foster parents, transformed into an open and healing connection with the girls' biological family.

Jeana, with her background in the medical field, was the first to notice that one of the twins was significantly underdeveloped, leading to the discovery of a life-threatening heart defect. Her proactive care led to over 30 doctor's appointments from April to November 2022, addressing not just the physical ailments but also the emotional and cognitive scars left by trauma.

The Grayson County Child Welfare Board stands in awe of Jeana's resilience and echoes her sentiment that fear should not dictate the future. Her love and advocacy have not only changed the trajectory of her daughters' lives but have also started a ripple effect of compassion and understanding in the community.

As Jeana so eloquently puts it, "If not you, then who?" There are over 120 children in Grayson County alone in need of a home—a safe haven where they can heal and grow.

For those considering adoption, Jeana's story is a testament to the power of an open heart and an open home. It's a reminder that the children in foster care are not defined by their trauma but by their potential to overcome and flourish.

The bond that has blossomed between Jeana's family and the biological relatives of her adopted daughters is a profound example of the transformative power of love. It's a bond that transcends biology and speaks to the essence of what it means to be a family.

All it takes is one choice to change a life for the better - forever.

For anyone standing at the threshold of this life-changing decision, Jeana's message is clear: Keep your mind open, do not let fear win, and lean on faith. Connect with other foster parents, educate yourself about trauma, and recognize that you are part of a larger community—a community that the Grayson County Child Welfare Board is committed to supporting.

The deepest joy for Jeana has been witnessing the healing that adoption brings—not just to the children but to everyone involved. It's a joy that comes full circle, a joy that reaffirms the belief that every child deserves love and every family, no matter how it is formed, deserves a chance to thrive.

To those who wish to partake in this journey of healing, whether through adoption or by supporting those who do, we invite you to reach out. Your donations empower us to continue our work, to offer grants, to support families like Jeana's, and to ensure that every child has the chance to write a new story. A story where they are not the victims of their past but the heroes of their future.

Please, consider donating to the Grayson County Child Welfare Board. Together, we can nurture the seeds of change and watch as they grow into strong, resilient oaks in the garden of our community.

For more information on adoption or to learn how you can support our mission, contact us at

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Your generosity can help dreams become reality, traumas heal into strengths, and fears give way to hopes. Be the change. Be the light. Be a Guardian of Generosity.

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